Saturday, October 24, 2015

Francesian Conquest - Battle of Shadowcrest

Following the battle at Raider's Ridge, the Legate Dumias retreated southward toward the capital. He was able to recruit some less-than-enthusiastic replacements to replenish his ranks. Meanwhile, Lothar the Lascivious pursued relentlessly. Finally, Dumias took up positions on Shadowcrest Ridge and prepared to meet his nemesis for a climatic battle that would determine the fate of Meditera (and perhaps the Empire itself)!

Scenario Notes
Today's game was scenario # 29 - Shambolic Command from Neil Thomas's One Hour Wargames.
See my complete list of OHW scenarios here.

Lothar's Redgravian raiders are attacking with 4 units - 1 elite infantry (Q3/C5), 2 heavy infantry (Q4/C4), and 1 archer (Q3/C3)

Dumias's Imperial defenders consist of 6 units - 3 knights (Q3/C4), 1 archer  (Q3/C3), and 2 levy (Q5/C3)

I used my medieval rules, which are heavily based on Song of Blades and Heroes. In Thomas's version, the defending side may only command 2 units per turn. For my version, I only allowed the Imperials to roll activation for 2 units. Of course, depending on the rolls, fewer than two units might actually move in a turn.

As per Thomas's scenario, the board includes a long ridge in the center, which is the objective of both sides. I randomly added some additional hills and woods.

Battle Report
I took pictures but unfortunately I'm having issues with my SD card and cannot download them.

Dumias positioned a unit of cavalry, the archers, and levy on Shadowcrest Ridge. Dumias and the remaining cavalry stationed themselves around a hill on the left flank

The Redgravians advanced in a line, with Lothar's Hearthguard in the center and the two warbands on the flanks. The Hearthguard rushed forward, routing a unit of archers off the ridge. The Imperial knights on the hill tried to dislodge Lothar but were themselves repulsed.

Commanding the warband on the Redgravian right, Snorri son of Sigurd slowly advanced, hitting the retreating archers and driving them further back. Dumias sent in one of his reserve units of knights. They smashed into Snorri's warband, but the Redgravians held firm.

The Redgravian left, led by Bryti and supported by archers finally drove off the levies on the hill. As the sun reached its highest point, Lothar's troops held the hill.

But the battle was not yet over, the Imperial knights launched charge after charge until Snorri's warband broke.

The knights continued, rumbling uphill into Lothar's warband. After a bitter struggle, the knights broke. Lothar still held the hill.

The situation looked bleak for the Empire. The archers remained and pestered the Redgravian warbands with their fire. The levy still stood but they refused to advance on the hills. Dumias had no choice but to enter the fray. Covered by archery, his Guard charged uphill towards Lothar's Hearthguard. A bloody melee ensued, but, inspired by a desperate courage, the knights prevailed. The Hearthguard broke. Unbeknownst to all, Lothar had fallen in the retreat.

Dumias turned and charged Bryti's warband. Now the knights were irresistible, and Bryti was thrown from the hill. He counterattacked, aided by the Redgravian archers.

However, the knights would not be denied. After more bloodshed, the remaining Redgravian's broke.

Thus ended Lothat's attempt to conquer Meditera. Dumias would return to the capital to a triumph. Soon, he would be seeking an even greater prize.

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