Saturday, October 24, 2015

Drawn-Out Campaigns

All month I had been hoping to play another battle in my Lucranian campaign. However, I have been very busy and too tired to set anything up. Instead I have been thinking about my campaigns. Unfortunately, they have been drawn out over time. Many are unfinished. Here is a list of campaigns I have played since starting this blog:
  • Eindekker and Down in Flames - when I began this blog I did not have any miniatures so I played a few commercial board/card games. These 2 have campaign but I never bothered to finish them.
  • Grayrock Revolution (horse & musket) - My first miniatures campaign. It took over 2 years, but I finally completed it.
  • Redgrave Raiders (medieval) - sort of Dux Brit light. I'm not going to bother finishing this one because I replaced it with:
  • Redgravian Conquest (medieval) - I played out the conquest of Transflumia as a single, winner-take-all battle. Then I decided I would play a separate Neil Thomas style campaign for each of the remaining provinces. In April, I played out 2 (of 3 battles) in the Meditera war.
  • Artemesia (sci fi) - I played 3 scenarios in this campaign before it went on hold.
  • Tweenwater War (horse & musket) - played 1 battle and then stalled because I "needed" to paint Imperial troops.
  • Lucrania (dieselpunk imagi-nation) - just started this.
As you can see, I have a bit of GADD, hopping between periods seemingly at random. Because of this, my campaigns go in starts-and-stops. Anyway, over the past few weeks I kept telling myself that I should finish one of these almost abandoned campaigns. So today, when I some time for a game, I decided to complete the Meditera War. The report of the final battle has been posted.

I now have one more campaign completed. However, I now have ideas for a new one. With [spoiler alert!]'s victory, I envision the next stage in his career, which of course will include some conflict. Will the madness ever end???

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