Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Lazy Gaming

Sometimes I just want to roll dice but I don't want to set up a game. That's how I've been feeling lately. As a result, I have been playing a couple of computer dice-rolling games.
  • I've been hooked on an online Yahtzee game.
  • I have also been playing a lot of Star League (my pseudo-soccer, sci-fi sport game)

When I last reported on Star League a few weeks ago, I had just concluded season 5. Since then, I finished season 6 and am well into season 7.

Season 6 Report
The Avengers started off as the hot team in the Galactic division, winning their first 3 games. However, the Knights were hot on their trail. in week 6, the Avengers lost a defensive struggle to the Gravitons (who won 1-0 on a last second shot). With their 2nd loss in 3 weeks, the Avengers fell behind the surging Knights. The Knights sealed the division with an easy 3-1 victory over the Avengers in week 9.

In the Stellar division, the Fury started hot with a 5-1 record. Then they lost 2 in a row to allow their arch-nemesis Gravitons to tie (with the Helix 1 game behind). In week 9, the Gravitons lost 2-1 to the Helix, giving the Fury a little breathing room. The Fury then clinched the division with a dominating 3-0 victory over the Helix.

The Star Cup featured the 9-1 Knights vs. the 7-3 Fury.Game 1 was a wild one. The Fury took a quick 2-0 lead but the Knights roared back with 3 straight goals. The Fury tied then the Knights took the lead again. With time running down, the Fury scored to tie it up. The game went into overtime before the Knights scored, pulling of a 5-4 victory.

Game 2 was another thriller. In the first half, both teams traded goals. The score was knotted at 2-2 at halftime. In the second half, the Fury scored 2 quick goals. The Knights responded with a goal of their own. Down 5-3, the Knights pressed hard, but the Fury defenses tightened, managing to keep the ball away from their opponent. The Fury victory tied the series at 1-1.

The Fury started game 3 in fine fashion, crafting a 2-0 lead at halftime. The Knights scored in mid-period to whittle the lead to 1. The Fury defense tightened again, but with time winding down the Knights stole the ball. They rushed down court. With time running out, they shot. GOAL. The game then went into overtime, but the Knights were regenerated and scored the winner early.

With their victory in the Star Cup, the Knights completed one of the finest seasons in Star League history (their 9 wins were matched only by the Canopans in season 1).

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