Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Update

It's Thanksgiving in the US and I am off work for the extended weekend. I'm thinking of getting out some miniatures and doing some gaming. However, the dark side is calling me. OK, maybe not as dark as WoW. I have been doing a lot of video gaming, however. My latest addiction is:

 I'm not sure what started it but I got on a post-apocalyptic kick so I pulled out Fallout: New Vegas. I had started it a while back but let it lapse. I'm now back in and making progress.

One flaw with Fallout is that my wife and I cannot play together. So I have been thinking of making a post-apocalyptic themed miniature/board game. Characters represent Vault Dwellers who have been tasked to venture into the Wasteland in search of precious commodities to help the Vault survive. Although I plan to make the setting a bit generic, it will be inspired by my home state of Florida, featuring locations such as the National Space Center and the Magic Land theme park. I'm still sketching out details.

Anyway, I wish all a wonderful day, whether you're stuffing turkey in your mouth in the US or it's just a regular day in your neck of the world.

Fallout Boy wishes you a wonderful day

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