Sunday, February 21, 2016

Virtual Fantasy Dungeon Crawl

I've been having so much fun with my sci-fi skirmishes on a virtual board that I have been pondering extending it to other periods. Today, I started messing around with a virtual dungeon crawl.

Here is the dungeon map. I kept it small on purpose. My characters have only discovered 2 rooms so far. The Templar cross identifies where the party is.

Here is a small room. Rowan (a paladin) and Jacor (a cleric) have just defeated 2 goblins.

Here is a corridor. Again, they tangle with goblins. The beam coming from Jacor is a holy power that allows him to smite enemies. It acts like a ranged attack.

And now they are in a large room with acid-spitting worms. Jacor has taken a hit. I changed how I represented his holy smite, making it easier to position on the board.

So far so fun. I'll ultimately post the game report on Tales of the Templars.

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