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Tweenwater War - Battle of Hartvale

Battle 1 of the Tweenwater War Eastern Front

In the initial stage of the Tweenwater War, Bluderian forces unsuccessfully tried to cross the Crystal River into the Redgravian held province. Meanwhile, Imperial forces advanced on the city of Blancport.

Redgrave sent the Auburn Army to reinforce the defenders of Blancport.

The Blancport Army sent forth a detachment, which occupied the strategic village of Hartvale. Alas, their forces were outnumbered by the vanguard of the Imperial Army. But then trumpets sounded and the defenders witnessed a heartening sight. Reinforcements crested the ridge west of the village.

Intent on seizing the village, the Imperial forces marched forward, ignoring the reinforcements on the hill. Long range artillery damaged the Imperial battery.

Unfortunately, the forced march of the reinforcements left them in disarray. As a result, they dithered in getting into action. Only Paxson's Brigade managed to open fire. Long-range musketry ensued.

On the Imperial left, two brigades of infantry approached Hartvale. Artillery ripped huge holes in the line. Long range musketry took its toll on the right.

The assault begins. An Imperial brigade holds off Paxson. But what of the rest of the reinforcements? They still dithered on the ridge.

 After heated actions, Paxson's brigade wipes out its Imperial counterpart. The assault on the village silences the artillery but Redgravian infantry take up the defense.

Paxson begins marching to the village. Sustained attacks annihilate the village's defenders.

But before the attackers can secure the village, Paxson rushes in.

But the attackers are too strong. Paxson's Brigade is scatttered. Meanwhile, General Spengler realizes the dire situation. He acts, sending cavalry into the fray. Unfortunately, he holds the rest of his force "in reserve" on the hill.

The cavalry vainly assault the village. Some troopers manage to make it into the streets and cut down the enemy. Resistance is too strong and the cavalry is thrown back.

 Finally, the cavalry is routed. Spengler orders his artillery to open fire to no avail. He now loses heart and orders the retreat.

With the fall of Hartvale, the road to Blancport is open to the Imperial Army.

Scenario Notes
This is scenario 28 - Botched Relief. Although the attackers are outnumbered, the defender's reinforcements (on the hill) can only operate one at a time. This gives the attackers a chance to meet their objectives without being overwhelmed.

The rules are essentially an adaptation of Memoir '44 with the Song of Blade and Heroes activation. Units can use extra activations to move further or add dice to their attacks.

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