Sunday, August 14, 2016

4AD Inspiration

As you may have noticed from my lack of blog posts, I stopped playing Four Against Darkness. One reason, I believe, is that I found dungeon-crawling a bit stale. I am specifically referring to a group of characters exploring a dungeon filled with a variety of monsters. Dungeons have often felt a bit artificial to me. Playing The Knight of Destiny has rekindled my interest in the 4AD system because it takes it out of the dungeon and into the wider world. Since I picked up KOD, ideas for variants have been popping up into my head.

  1. Space Templars - Way back when, I started a solo sci fi rpg campaign featuring 2 members of the "Space Templars" (not 40K by the way). I'm thinking of using a 4AD sci fi variant to continue their adventures. I could use the KOD framework of the heroes searching for some priceless and powerful artifact. In this case, however, they will be traversing the galaxy instead of the English countryside.
  2. Time Cats - While considering how to rope my wife into playing miniature games, I asked her which setting she would prefer. Her answer has given rise to the idea of Time Cats. I think 4AD / KOD would be an effective way to run such adventures.
  3. Thrilling Adventures - I already tested out a 1930s pulp variant of 4AD but I haven't played any more adventures because I've basically had dungeon-creator block. I just don't know what kind of adventure / dungeon they should explore next. (Besides, I usually fill my pulp cravings with Fortune & Glory).
I'm planning on using the current 4AD / KOD rules as templates for encounter tables for the above themes. I just haven't had time to work any out.

I do miss playing miniature games and have been thinking of miniaturizing 4AD. I picked up some of the Perfect Six minis but haven't managed to paint them yet. I do have some D&D prepaints and may press those into service instead. I just ordered a battle mat so I can draw out the dungeons. Looking forward to some experiments!

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  1. Sounds like some great ideas. The 4AD system does lend itself quite well to different formats.