Monday, December 26, 2016

Am I in?

Last week, I discussed a challenge issued by Kaptain Kobold. I've been debating doing it but am worried that it will become like work. Ironically, there appeared a thread on TMP about hobby slumps. I responded:
I agree with the OP's blog post about making this hobby into too much work. I try to avoid it by taking a KISS approach and focusing on what I find enjoyable. If I'm not having fun, I don't do it.
Yet the idea of the challenge has me very excited; it sounds fun. Therefore I decided that I'm going to try it. With my attention span, I may not finish it but I'll give it my best shot.

Anyway, what games will I play? I am going to do 3 miniature games. Here they are:

In September, I started a fantasy campaign using my WISER* rules and my Magister Militum 3mm figures.
A horde of orcs (left) advance on the human defenders
I'll extend that campaign to get in 6 battles.

Zirconia and Beyond
Before I finished my fantasy campaign, I got distracted and started a sci-fi campaign on the planet Zirconia, using my 2mm sci-fi minis. I am using my WISER* sci-fi ground rules.
Federation forces - tanks, infantry, and missile launchers
As with Anarendor, I'll extend this campaign to get the requisite 6 battles.

After reading that they included a solo gaming mechanism, I picked up the new Osprey rule book The Men Who Would Be Kings. The scenarios and solo mechanisms seem very useful, so I've been tempted to do a colonial campaign. This reminded me of a campaign I set up years ago.

In this campaign, the British set out on a punitive expedition against the Rajah of Lumbago (box 7). There are three different routes they can take, each with hostile natives barring the way. 

I drew up the map but never managed to acquire forces for the campaign. Now here's my chance to actually use the campaign. I can use my 3mm Redgravian army as the British.
Some of my Redgravian forces
What about native forces? I have been toying with creating forces for battles in the desert reaches south of Anarendor (including a Prester John inspired army, like Kaptain Kobold's). They could do double duty as Lumbagan warriors. In the interim, I'll probably use my fantasy armies.

And rules? Again, I'll use WISER* (horse & musket this time) with modifications for native troops.

More to Come!
That's 3 of the 6 games; what about the other 3? I'll save them for another post tomorrow.

* WISER (Warwell's Incredibly Short and Easy Rules) is my name for my home-brew rules sets. They use similar mechanics across eras, although I modify each set to better reflect the period. Thus, I count each as a separate game. I've described the rules in some of my battle reports, but I'll create a separate overview post.

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