Tuesday, December 27, 2016

I'm In! Part 2

Yesterday, I accepted the Six by Six challenge and discussed 3 miniatures games that I will play next year. I still have 3 more games. What are they?

Four Against Darkness
There are times when I just don't feel like dragging out the miniatures. In those times, 4AD is a great choice. It is a simple and quick dungeon crawl

I may not play it straight. Instead, I will probably continue experimenting with my card-based variant.

DC Rivals: Batman vs. Joker
After seeing the Killing Joke, my wife has become a huge Batman fan (actually, it's more correct to say that she's a Joker fan). Last month, while visiting the FLGS, she noticed this game, and had to have it.

DC Rivals is a 2-player deck-building card game. One player plays Batman and the other plays the Joker. Each player starts with a hand of weak cards, and then through game play can buy more powerful cards. Cards represent other heroes or villains, equipment, super powers, etc. Each card has a victory point amount. To win, garner the most VPs, or confront your opponent and defeat him in battle.

The game is incredibly easy to set up. It is supposed to be quick (30-40 minutes) but we usually go for over an hour. Still, we both enjoy the game.

I haven't made a decision yet for game 6. I have a couple of candidates but I'm going to keep this slot in reserve for now.

So there we have it. Now can I actually make it through the challenge? We shall see next year.


  1. It's interesting how this 6x6 challenge might pan out. I was looking for another game to try, followed some of the links on Kaptain Kobbold's posting and hey presto I'm looking at 4AD as a choice. At the very least I have been intrigued by your postings on the game. Good luck for the challenge!

  2. Awesome to hear about your interest in 4AD. It's a fun little game. Best of all, it is very adaptable. I've experimented with sci-fi and pulp adventures, adding miniatures, and making my own tables to tailor the adventure (it feels less random that way).