Sunday, April 2, 2017

Battle of Harumba Hill

Part 3 of the Presteria-Swartheria War

After defeating the latest raid, the Presterian army decides to launch a punitive expedition against the Swartherians. They debouch from their fertile plateau and advance into the deserts of Swartheria. They head toward Harumba Hill, a prominent landmark in the trackless wastes.

A company of Presterian knights rides for Harumba Hill. A band of Swartherian cavalry are determined to stop the advance/

The Swartherians seize the hill while reinforcements appear for both sides.

A second company of knights charges up the hill, only to find stiff resistance.

While the second company is forced off the hill and then destroyed, the first company overruns a band of enemy cavalry.

On the right flank, the victorious Swartherians continue their charge into a steady rank of Presterian spears. It did not end well for the Swartherians.

The Presterians wipe out the remaining enemy but clouds of dust can be seen in the distance. More Swartherians will be arriving.

The Presterians have time to reinforce the hill before a lone Swartherian warband arrives.

It tries to retake the hill.

But a charge by the knights wipes it out.

Another warband arrives, which is again eliminated.

There are no more Swartherian forces in the vicinity. Presteria has secured Harumba Hill.

Game Notes
  • I actually had some free time yesterday morning so I decided to shake off the doldrums and start the month with a 6 x 6 game!
  • With this victory, the Presterians have clinched the campaign with a 3-0 record and thus have saved Presteria. Nevertheless, I will play one more battle just to round out the 6 x 6 challenge.
  • The scenario is # 17 - Encounter from Neil Thomas's One Hour Wargames. Troops arrive in a piecemeal fashion (on each turn a unit arrives on a roll of 4-6). Each side is trying to seize and hold the hill in the middle.
  • I added a couple of oases (woods) and an extra hill. As it turns on, they had no impact on the game.
  • When I rolled for a reinforcement, I randomly determined the type on the spot. This turned out to be a little unfair to the Swartherians, who had less effective troops (for example, the Swartherians do not have any knights).
  • A unit of elephants appeared for the Presterians, but they never got into battle (the knights hogged all the glory).

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