Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Aetheria Dogfight Project

As I experiment with air combat rules, I've been hankering to get some new planes for Aetheria, my imaginary, pulp-era world. I want to avoid well-known World War 2 models, in fact I'd like to get something a little more primitive, say early-mid 1930s.

I was looking through the Tumbling Dice website but unfortunately there aren't many pictures. I then checked out the PicoArmor website when I hit the jackpot!

P-26 Peashooter
The P-26 was obsolete by the start of WW2, but I think it's a cool looking plane. This will be my main Confederation fighter.

How about the Empire of the Iron Fist? The obvious solution would be to look at German fighters, but I decided to take a different tack. How about this?

Soviet I-16 fighter
I also like the look of this next one (even though it is technically a bit more advanced than a P-26 I can fudge things for my setting).

Macchi 200
Next I need to look at bombers. Pity that PicoArmor doesn't have B-10s.

(By the way, the photos are from the PicoArmor website)

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