Thursday, June 1, 2017

May 2017 Update

Six by Six Challenge
This has been a good month for the challenge. Spurred by my aviation kick, I have completed 3 sessions of Spandau and Lewis.
In addition, I completed a session of Ticket to Ride. Furthermore, I  discovered that I missed a game in my April update. I actually completed my second game of Ticket to Ride in early April.

This puts me at 20 games completed. I am past the halfway point and am averaging 4 games a month!

Family Game Night
Due to the situation with Buster our cat, we have not played many long board games. One weekend, we did bring out Mice & Mystics and we played Ticket to Ride last weekend, but for the most part it's been quick card games like Fluxx or Love Letter. I really should have made Fluxx a 6 by 6 game!

Other Games
I have been fairly active with the gaming, even if it is not 6 by 6.

One night our game-loving cat Thomasina was hoping for a game but Elizabeth was upstairs taking care of Buster. To satisfy Tom, I pulled out Four Against Darkness and played the next part of the Three Rings module,

One morning I was off work. I did not feel like setting up a miniature game, so I played a virtual skirmish with my sci-fi secret agents, Kate and Kip, which has spurred adventures.


  1. I know what you mean about Love Letter. I bought the Adventure time version in January and I think I have played 30-40 full games with my children (8 and 10) and my great nephew who is staying with us at the moment (9). It is their game of choice and they cannot get enough of it. I should have made *that* one of my 6x6! ...or Sushi Go, of which I got at the same time but we have played it about 15-20 times - not a winner like Love Letter!

  2. I haven't played Sushi Go but I agree that Love Letter is a real winner.

  3. Great job on the 6x6 challenge. 20 games played! I'm jealous

    I am sitting at 11 games played at the end of May and feel very far behind. I have plans to get in several games in June, but I need to play 7 games by the end of the month to get caught back up. I at least hope to be less far behind.

  4. Well done on getting to the 20 game mark. I've made it to 15 so far which is just about keeping me on target.