Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Twelve Games of Christmas - 2017 Edition

It has begun. For the fourth year in a row, we have begun the Twelve Games of Christmas.

Dec 22
It was actually a spur of the moment decision to start this night. My brothers ended up coming over for the evening so we decided to pull out a couple of simple games.

First up was Welcome to the Dungeon.

It is a push-your-luck card game. Each turn you can add a monster card to the dungeon, remove equipment from the hero, or pass. Once all other players pass, the last remaining player takes control of the hero and tries to make it through the dungeon. My brother Brian made it through in the first round but later failed 2 dungeon delves to get knocked out. My wife also got knocked out. My brother Brett then managed to defeat 2 dungeons to win the game.

Next was Zombie Dice, another push-your-luck game but this time using dice.

Your goal is to roll brains while avoiding shotgun blasts. Brett managed a run of 6 brains in one turn to rush (or more appropriately shamble) to victory!

Dec 23
This night featured a solo play of One Deck Dungeon. Sad to say that the dragon ate my paladin.

Dec 24
Decided to experiment with some bomb run rules (a la B-17: Queen of the Skies), albeit set in space.

Check out the game report

Dec 25
Merry Christmas!
Sadly too sick (very bad cold) for a game.

Dec 26
Another night. Too sick for a game.

Dec 27
Finally got to visit with my brother and receive my gifts from my family. Got Exploding Kittens and had to try it.

It's a very light card game. I played vs my brother earlier and then with my wife. I think it will work better as a party game with 3+ players.

Dec 28
Now my wife has the plague so she was not up for a game. Instead, I pulled out Castle Panic and played solo.

The monsters managed a rush early in the game and managed to knock down 2 towers. Then I lost a third to a giant boulder. My defenses then stiffened and I managed to save the last three towers.

Dec 29
No game.

Dec 30
We played 2 rounds of Exploding Kittens. Elizabeth won both games.

We did an experiment where we increased the number of Exploding Kitten cards. Typically, there is # of players - 1 cards placed in the deck. We added an extra. I think it made it a little more intense.

My wife then suggested adding in all the kittens. As I predicted, however, the game ended way too soon.

We followed that up with some Holiday Fluxx. I won the first hand but cannot remember who won the second.

Dec 31
I fell asleep early so my wife took up the mantle and played a game with her brother. More Exploding Kittens.

Jan 1
I didn't expect to play a game this evening, but Thomasina was in her game spot. We had to indulge her. this time with a round of Love Letter.

My wife won this time (7-4)

And that wrapped up the 12 Games (although we fell short by a couple of games. I'm back to work today so I don't expect any games until the weekend.

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