Monday, January 1, 2018

What's in Store for 2018?

As per tradition, I will make my (likely inaccurate) prognostications for the coming year. What do I expect to see from my gaming this year?

The Six Game Challenge
Last year, I participated in Kaptain Kobold's Six by Six Challenge. Now 36 games in a year is actually a lot for me (even though I play quick and simple games), so the challenge did get a bit burdensome. Nevertheless, I found it rewarding in that it spurred me to experiment with some new sets of rules I may not have otherwise tried .

This year I want to leverage the most rewarding part of the challenge - trying new games. So this year's challenge is to play 6 new (to me at least) games. I'm not requiring multiple replays, even one play-through counts.

So far I have tentatively chosen 3 games:
I have all of these games; I just haven't bothered to try them yet. I still need to pick 3 more games, although I can wait until later in the year. My goal is to play at least one game from the challenge every 2 months. So this initial selection should last me until July.

A Board Gamer
Last month I mentioned that I was getting jaded with miniatures and was thinking of using more blocks and counters for my games. I expect that this philosophy will continue and that I will have a more extensive inventory of counters.

I have been very pleased with my experiments with boxed games (such as my generic army block kit). I still have some of the items used with earlier games, like this board. I am seriously considering a purge of miniatures and terrain that do not fit into my boxes.

Essentially, I see myself moving away from miniatures and becoming more of a DIY board gamer.

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