Saturday, October 12, 2013

Star Fighters

It's been a long time since I actually posted pictures of miniatures on this blog. I'd like to do some pics for my RP sessions, but I don't have the minis. However, the escape from the Temple of Zircon got me thinking about getting some spaceship models. I then remembered an interesting blog post about cheap plastic spaceships. I decided to order some.

The ships came in a bag of 144 for under $8. Here is the lot of them.

There are 7 varieties of ships as shown below.

I'm planning to paint some of them up for space battles. I think they can do double duty - as cruisers for fleet actions and as fighters for smaller scale dogfights.

I've been dying to experiment with them, so I decided to run a solo game with the materials at hand. I picked out 4 of the ships, marking 2 of them with a pen to designate the flight leaders. I didn't have anything black for the battle board so I used a gray foam mat instead. Finally, I tossed down a wooden circle to represent an asteroid.

I wrote up some quick rules for the game. The "good guys" of the battle are two pilots from the Federation Star Fleet Fighter Command. They are in the 501st Squadron (nicknamed the "Genies") and have been sent on a patrol of the Omicron system. The battle report follows.

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