Saturday, March 1, 2014

Forcing My Hand

In my last post, I mentioned my quandary regarding my Kallistra spearmen. This morning, I experimented with them a bit.
  • First I tried to use a utility knife. By cutting along the groove I was able, with difficulty, to split the strip into 2 pairs. I was unable to separate the pairs, however.
  • I then tried wire cutters. It worked great for splitting the strip in 2 and I was also able to separate the remaining pairs. However, this resulted in mangled stands.
The upshot of my experiment is clear; I need to base the figures in 2 ranks. This will require a change to my basing plans. After a little thought I decided that I will mount 2 pair of figures on a 3/4" square base. A unit will be composed of 2 bases, and each base will be able to take 2 hits.

This will require a change in rules. I initially planned to use my adaptation of Medieval FUBAR but those rules are designed for individually based figures. It seems that I am once again moving toward a Command & Colors style set of rules, although I want to make modifications to allow heroes and commanders to fight.

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