Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Medieval Quandary

I recently received an order of 10mm 100 Year's War figures from Kallistra. Here is a bad photo of a strip of the spearmen (to the left is a 15mm Viking from Irregular).

My intention was to base each figure individually. I knew that some were based on strips but I planned to cut them apart. If the bases were too thick to cut then I'd consider multi-figure bases like my Francesia horse and musket armies (bases of 3 figures in 1 rank). However, I did not count on what I received. The men on the strips are not facing toward the long side of the strip but toward the short side. The metal thins near the middle so apparently the strips are supposed to be cut in the middle. It looks like it will be a difficult chore to separate the pairs of figures after making the cut in the middle. The upshot is that the figures probably should be based in 2 ranks, which is completely at odds with all my preferred methods of basing.

Thus my quandary. Do I try to separate all the figures and base them individually or do I bite the bullet and base them in 2 ranks, which seems like the easiest proposition. If I base them in 2 ranks, how many figures should be on a base, and how many should be in a unit? Decisions. Decisions.

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