Sunday, April 6, 2014

Table Top Day Report

Yesterday was International Table Top Day.

Last year I was a heretic, but this year I planned to do it right. The plan was to invite my brother over for dinner and a game of Ticket to Ride. Time permitting, I thought about pulling out Settlers of Catan as well.

Dinner was great. I made a shepherd's pie, which was a big hit. I also made some fried pickles (I think I ate about a million of them).

The game, however, did not go exactly as planned. My wife ended up inviting her father and his cousin in addition to my brother. Now we had 6 people, too many for Ticket to Ride. Thinking quickly, we pulled out Castle Panic.Unfortunately, we did not take any pictures, but suffice it to say that we won. My brother was master slayer by a wide margin. The other players were ready to throw me out of the castle. In one turn while drawing new monsters, I drew the token "Draw 3 more monsters." One of the 3 that I drew was the Goblin King, which draws an additional 4 monsters. All told, I drew 8 monsters that turn!

Anyway, after our victory things went awry. Somehow, the conversation turned to music and before I knew it (I was putting away the game), somebody had started up this game:

A video game? On Table Top Day? The horror!
Well, I'll try to do better next year.

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