Saturday, April 5, 2014

Tommy Demands a Game!

In celebration for International Table Top Day, my wife cleaned the coffee table last night in preparation for game night tonight. This action immediately drew my cat, Thomasina (Tommy for short). She jumped up on one of her favorite spots, the back of the chair.

Tommy in her game night spot
You see, Tommy is a huge gaming fan. Whenever we play a game on the coffee table, she loves to sit on the chair and look over the scene. She is very respectful of the game; she never jumps on the table and never tries to play with the pieces (Cooper, on the other hand . . .). Cleaning the coffee table is usually the signal that a game is about to begin, which is what drew her. It was breaking my heart to see her waiting for the game to begin, especially since we did not do game night last week, so I had to set something up. Although my castle walls were not ready, I decided to play the Escape from Castle Grayrock scenario I discussed previously. I'll post a game report later today.

P.S. Tommy really enjoyed it.

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