Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Lull in the Action

This year has been one of frantic wargaming and blogging activity (at least for me). So far, I have posted more every month compared to the same month last year. April, however, is not looking so good, and this weekend is not helping. It doesn't look like I'll get a game in. I still feel like I should post something so let me provide a short status report.
  1. Medieval project - Last week I started working on two paper armies. They are complete but I need to get around to printing and basing them. The next few weekends are going to be very busy for me so I'm not sure when I'll get to play with them.
  2. Grayrock Revolution - I have a scenario in mind for the next battle. I've just been in a real medieval mood so I haven't had the motivation to return to the revolution. Furthermore, it may be a while before I do. I feel bad about it, but one thing I've learned about my hobby is that I have to go with the flow of my fickle wargaming moods. Nevertheless, I do apologize if anyone is waiting for the next chapter.
  3. "1:1 Scale Wargaming" - I've mentioned before my participation in a medieval LARP called Dagorhir. At an event last weekend a friend and I kicked around an idea to start our own order of chivalry. What little free time I've had this week has been occupied by sketching out ideas for our order. This has diverted attention from other wargaming projects.

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  1. "Nevertheless, I do apologize if anyone is waiting for the next chapter."

    I'm waiting for the next chapter, but any reader of my blog will realise that I know all about fickle moods in gaming :)