Sunday, April 12, 2015

Star League Season 4 Concludes

It's been a while since I published an update regarding Star League. Today, I finally completed the 4th season.

Blitz vs. Knights
The season ended with a bang. The Blitz visited the Knights in a game that would decide the division (both were tied with 7-2 records). The Blitz were the Cinderella story of the year; they never before had more than 3 wins in a season. The Knights were the powerhouse of the league, winning 2 titles and never having a losing season.

Despite being heavy favorites, the Knights fell down early as the Blitz scored a quick goal thanks to a magnificent shot by their star forward (game note - I used Star Power to force a re-roll. In order to encourage scoring, I made a rule that Star Power could not be used to negate a goal). Then surprisingly, the Blitz scored again. The Knights pressed forward on offense and fed their striker. Alas, the shot sailed wide (failed Star Power). In the last seconds of the half, the Blitz struck again for a 3-0 lead!

The Knights began pressing on offense and finally managed to sneak a shot past the Blitz goalie. Seconds later, the Knight's star stole the ball, raced down the field, and scored (more Star Power!)  At 3-2, the Knights were back in the game!

The Blitz then gained control of the ball and looked to run out the clock. But the Knights stole it and pressed forward on offense. Time was running out; the Knights had one chance to send it to overtime. They tried to get it to their star but the Blitz covered him like a blanket. With no chance to get it into his hands, another player took a shot. The Blitz goalie dove for the ball. Save! The Blitz preserved a 3-2 victory and the division title.

The final standings look like this:

Galactic Division
Blitz                        8-2
Knights                   7-3
Dynamos                5-5
Avengers                3-7

Stellar Division
Fury                       7-3
Helix                      6-4
Electrons                3-7
Gravitons               1-9

The Blitz and Fury are both first-time division winners. They will meet in Star Cup 4.

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