Sunday, April 26, 2015

Thinking About Block Armies

I am a really SLOW painter (primarily because I hate doing it for extended periods of time). As a result, my miniature projects tend to drag on interminably. Such is the case with the Horse & Musket Francesian armies. I started working on some 6mm troops but my Bluderian infantry have been sitting on my work table for a few  months already. Anyway, because of of my dawdling nature, I have periodically toyed with the idea of creating block armies.

I visited the Tradgarland blog today and encountered a post about a computer pike & shot era wargame. The good Duke provided a link to another blog that had some screen shots. As I perused the screen shots I thought that the units looked like blocks. Once again, my mind goes veering off into making block armies.

Once I start going down this path I get stuck trying to decide how to create them. David Crook has some nice block armies (for example) using standard military symbols. I would prefer something that looks more like a block of soldiers. I could use Junior General top downs (such as this). Or I could just paint them. Infantry seems easy enough; just do it like 2mm figures. I just don't know how I would make/paint cavalry. At this point, I usually throw up my hands in disgust and just say I might as well just use 2mm! But something about those screen shots really has my mind turning.

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