Saturday, May 23, 2015

Lily's Heroic Stand

Tonight we continued our quest against Vanestra in Mice and Mystics.

This time,our party's goal was to find some information in the Alchemist's lab. After some hard battles, we arrived at the lab. Unfortunately, the enemy was there first - Captain Vurst and 4 elite rats armed with bows.

As soon as we entered, the enemy unleashed their arrows. Maginos the mystic immediately fell. Filch the scamp and Collin the warrior rushed toward the rats. Lily the archer returned fire and took out one of the enemy. Alas, another warrior took its place.

Filch the scamp (e.g. thief) rushed the enemy but was riddled with arrows. Collin used a scroll to slow the warriors but as he rushed forward, Captain Vurst cut him down.

Lily was all by herself, but at least the enemy was temporarily slowed. She used the opportunity to take careful aim and took out Captain Vurst.

The remaining warriors tried to shoot Lily but she was able to find some cover. Their arrow fell harmless. Lily returned fire and two more warriors fell. The other two shot back but they missed. Then began a long, drawn-out exchange of fire. Time after time, Lily's shot appeared to be on mark but the enemy dodged. Fortunately, Lily was able to avoid their shots. Finally, her aim was true and another enemy fell.

Lily and the last remaining warrior then engaged in an epic showdown. It managed to wound Lily but she kept fighting. Back and forth arrows flew across the room but none found their mark. At last, Lily's shot found its mark. The last enemy was dead. Lily rushed to her wounded comrades and revive them.

We finished the 3rd scenario tonight. The final battle was epic, for my wife. I played Maginos and Filch so I got knocked out of the battle pretty early. My wife lost Collin but Lily kept up the fight. She managed to kill off all the enemies. The final two were particularly difficult. She kept hitting but the enemy kept defending. Ultimately, she was able to take them out.

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