Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Blocks and Threes

My block armies are progressing. For Redgrave, I currently have 4 units of infantry, 1 of skirmishers, and 1 of artillery. I just need 1 more of skirmishers and artillery plus 2 units of cavalry. I have a method in mind. I just need to experiment with it. For Zamunda, I have 4 units of spearmen and 2 of skirmishers. I plan to add 2 more skirmishers (they won't have artillery of cavalry).

Alas, I am already being seduced by another possible project. I just came across this post about Magister Militum's 3mm range. I experimented with the Oddzial Ozmy 3mm Napoleonics but chose not to proceed. I found that having the figures sculpted separately slowed painting as I had to paint the sides of each figure. The MM figures (or at least the infantry) appear to be shoulder-to-shoulder, which mitigate against that problem and speed the painting process. Hmmm, it has me thinking.

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