Friday, June 26, 2015

Good Home Project - 15mm Medieval


With the success of my 3mm experiment, I now have a lot of unwanted miniatures. I decided that I want to find them a good home. Thus, the Good Home project is born. I'll be posting batches of miniatures I'd like to sell. Any figures that aren't sold within a month will end up in the trash.

First up:

Irregular Miniatures 15mm Dark Ages/Medieval
A variety of figures from Irregular Miniatures Dark Ages and Medieval lines. I am not sure of the exact make-up but will try to give more details in the captions. Most are unpainted. There are 8 packs of 12 figures each (purchased from Silver Eagle for $8 per pack).
The whole set
These appear to be medieval knights
Spearmen (Normans and Saxons?)
Some kind of Dark Age command + Viking archers
Axemen + Viking spears (partially painted)
More axemen

$20 now $10

All figures are sold as-is in a single batch. I will not break up batches.

Buyer agrees to pay the specified price + shipping (via US Postal Service Priority Mail). Payments made via PayPal.

To purchase, contact me directly at warwell2 AT yahoo dot com

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