Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Tweenwater War

Following the Battle of Hemlock, Bluderian forces were withdrawn to the coastal city of Glumport while the two sides negotiated. Ultimately, Bluderia felt it had no choice but to recognize Grayrockian independence. Edouard, the Sieur of Maraconi, was declared King of Grayrock, Bluderia withdrew all its forces, and a Grayrockian-Redgravian friendship was formed.

A few years later, King Luther of Bluderia died. Some say he died because he was broken up over his kingdom's defeat at the hands of the rebels. The throne of Bluderia passed to Luther's son, Henrik. King Henrik plotted to restore his nation's prestige, which had been shattered with the loss of Grayock. He enthusiastically supported overseas voyages of discovery, hoping to find new lands to conquer and exploit. Closer to home, he cast covetous eyes upon Tweenwater.

Francesia at the time of the Tweenwater War.
Flags indicate ownership at the start of the war:
Yellow = Empire
Red = Redgrave
Blue = Bluderia
Gray = Grayrock
Originally ruled by Grayrock, it passed into the hands of the Bluderian monarchy when King Marius died. Redgrave seized Tweenwater during the Redgrave War. In exchange for Redgravian support during its revolution, Grayrock relinquished claim to the province. Now, King Henrik plans to re-assert Bluderia's claim.

Bluderia has one problem. Its traditional pathway to Tweenwater runs through Grayrock, which is now cut off. Instead, Bluderian diplomats have contacted the Empress Annabelle (the story of her ascent to the throne is an interesting one which I'll cover at another), who wanted to reclaim the former Imperial province of Blancport. She agreed to ally with Bluderia to go to war against Redgrave.

Campaign Notes
Now that my 3mm forces are nearly complete, I am planning a new campaign in Francesia. Bluderia will combat Redgrave for control of Tweenwater. I am going to use the One Hour Wargames campaign system and play 5 games. However, now that the Empire is joining Bluderia, I could also run a separate campaign with the Empire vs. Redgrave for control of Blancport.

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