Friday, June 26, 2015

Good Home Project - 2mm Ancient


The next batch for sale is:

Irregular Miniatures 2mm Ancient
A variety of strips from the ancients line. They are given a very basic paint job (typically 2-3 colors) although some are incomplete. There are elements from 3 generic factions (gold/red, silver/blue, and brown/green).

Top: wolves, heavy infantry, command stand
Middle: variety of cavalry (light and heavy it appears), infantry, command stand
Bottom: Archers in a generic white paint job
A variety of cavalry in various paint schemes (or unfinished)
Unfinished elephants in the middle

All figures are sold as-is in a single batch. I will not break up batches.

Buyer agrees to pay the specified price + shipping (via US Postal Service Priority Mail). Payments made via PayPal.

To purchase, contact me directly at warwell2 AT yahoo dot com

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