Monday, September 7, 2015

Laboring on Labor Day

Laboring in a good way, however.

I still have some unused horse and musket miniatures so I started work on a 3rd army for Francesia - the Imperials.
Magister Militum 3mm tricorn-y figures
One of the (many) reasons why I have not played any horse & musket games lately is that I decided that I would run the Tweenwater War as two campaigns - in the north the Bluderians will challenge the Redgravians (unsuccessfully so far) while the Imperials would attack Redgravian forces in the south. I wanted to alternate campaigns, but unfortunately I don't have an Imperial Army, yet.

I paid a visit to Hobby Lobby today and picked up a bulletin board to use as a battle board for air combat games. I've seen pictures of mats used for air wargames where patchwork fields are represented. I think it creates the illusions of flying high above the terrain below so I decided to emulate it. It's still a work in progress but here is how it looks so far.

I am a little disappointed by the size of the board, however. It was listed as 17" x 23" which would be 8 x 11 squares, an upgrade over my current 6 x 9 board. However, the listed dimensions include the wooden frame. The actual usable space is around 15" x 21" (7 x 10 squares) - not as much of an increase as I hoped.

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