Thursday, September 3, 2015

Aetheria Update

I decided to try a slightly different tack with regard to my Aetheria project, Rather than small dogfights with individually mounted aircraft, I want larger air battles. So I'm going to start the project with 1/1200 miniatures with 2-3 figures mounted together. Each base will represent a squadron. Because I'm going with a larger scale of battle, I can simplify moving. I may even use the system I developed for space battles.

Why 1/1200 scale? I wanted to include dirigibles in my battles, and I found that Brigade Models has some nice ones in their Aeronef range. They also have some generic, fixed-wing craft at very low prices. Even though they are not the 30s-style I wanted, I decided to go with them. Here are some examples from the Brigade Models web page.

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