Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Rolling Off the Assembly Line

My air forces are about ready to go.

In a comment to a previous post, Kaptain Kobold described by bases as "counters." I rather like the term because that encapsulates my intent. They are 3-D counters for wargaming. For these counters, I painted random fields like my board then painted scattered cloud cover. I thought about using little bits of wood to raise the planes slightly above the base but simplicity (or laziness if you prefer) prevailed.

These forces will be used for air battle scale games. My next step in the Aetheria project is to grid my battle board. Now I am planning to use 1.5" offset squares. I started to use dots of white (clouds) at the corners, but it looked too regular. I'm going to paint over the dots and try using brown marker.

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