Wednesday, December 23, 2015

12 Games of Christmas - 2015 Edition

My holiday vacation has not yet begun but we have already started this year's version of the 12 Games of Christmas. So far this year we've played the following:

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about my wife's surprise victory in a game of Courtier. She was able to pull out 20 bonus points that gave her the victory. On Sunday I was able to turn the tables on her. After we tallied up the completed petitions she had a 31-26 lead. However, I had control of the Senate, which gave me 10 bonus points and the victory.

The Senate card gives me the victory.
On Monday, I once again rallied for the win. This time, my wife completed her 9 objectives, triggering the end game. In my last turn, I completed 2 objectives (circled below) for 10 points.

My winning objectives
Last night we pulled out Dungeon. I played the warrior and was doing pretty well, amassing about half the treasure I needed. The cleric had hit a rough patch, losing a couple of melees so I was feeling pretty confident. I went into battle against a gargoyle, needing a 5 or better on 2D6 to beat it. I rolled a 3. Then I rolled a 12 to see what happened - DEATH! My character was gone and my treasures lay in a pile in the chamber.

I started a new character - a wizard. This was a mistake because I needed 30,000 gold to win. My wife had got back on a winning streak and was nearing her goal. I rushed to the chamber where the warrior died, defeated the gargoyle, and recovered the treasure. It was not enough to win so I had to search for more. By this time, my wife amassed her fortune and was headed to the door.

The board at the end
 I was too late. She made it out and won the game.
My wife's haul

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