Saturday, December 26, 2015

Year in Review - 2015

How did 2015 go for my gaming? Let's review.

The year started off with the Grayrock Revolution in full swing.
Nieuville - rebel victory
Hargrove Hill - Bluderian victory
Kramer's Crossing - rebel victory
Hemlock - rebel victory
Hemlock witnessed the decisive defeat of the Bluderian forces. Grayrock had won its independence! (and I finally finished a campaign!)

I started a new horse & musket campaign (the Tweenwater War) but I only played one battle. I did managed a simplified version of Waterloo in memory of the 200th anniversary.

Waterloo - One Hour Wargames style
I began an experiment with block armies but that fell by the wayside when I discovered Magister Militum's 3mm miniatures.
A Redgravian block army
A Zamundan block army

My 3mm Bluderians
I was so impressed with the 3mm figures that I sold off my 2mm and 6mm horse & musket figures.

I then went into a little lull, until air combat sparked my interest. I developed a 1930s-style fantasy world called Aetheria. The evil Empire of the Iron Fist invaded the nation of Lucrania, resulting a large-scale aerial battle.
Aerial battle over Osmar Mountain
I played one more game in the campaign but have stalled. I managed to rouse myself to complete another campaign, Lothar's invasion of medieval Meditera.
Lothar's invasion is defeated
Since then, I've played a lot of Star League and blogged about my new LARP kit.

In my eyes, one of the highlights of my blog this year is this picture of my father from his Air Force days.

With that, I'm winding down this year. I may get some games completed over my holiday but I'll post them as I go.

Prognostication Check
In January, I made a few prognostications about what was in store for 2015? How good a soothsayer was I?
  • More Board Games - Yes. Family Game Night has become a regular feature in my house. In fact, I bought my wife a board game for Christmas.
  • Sci-Fi - No. I was totally into sci-fi at the beginning of the year, but as usual GADD struck and I moved on to other things.
  • Francesia - No and Yes. I predicted that my horse & musket campaign would languish but I completed the Grayrock Revolution. I did actually predict that I would complete my medieval campaign.
  • LARP - Yes. I may not have done as much as I expected in January but I did post more about it.
  • Fewer Posts - Yes. By a little bit. I'm still posting regularly but I haven't been playing games just for the sake of blogging, which was my rationale why I expected to post less.

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