Monday, December 7, 2015

More LARP Kit

Following up from yesterday, here are some more items I'd like:

Gambeson / Jerkin
The game I play (Amtgard) allows cloth "armor" so I have been considering a padded gambeson or leather jerkin for additional in-game protection. Here are a couple I have my eye on:

  • I think this jerkin is more English Civil War era but it will look fine for a fantasy ranger. From Outfit4Events.

While a hood is sufficient from a character perspective, I would like to protect myself from accidental head shots. One idea is a padded coif, like this one from By the Sword:

I would like some face protection, too. I just haven't figured out a good helmet for a ranger. Perhaps a fencing mask or MMA mask under a hood. Those can be a bit bulky, however. I still need to ponder this.

Bow and Arrows
A ranger needs a bow. I don't need anything fancy for Amtgard; an inexpensive starter bow should be sufficient. PURCHASED

In Amtgard, we don't go around shooting standard arrows at people. Instead, we remove the arrowheads and pad the tips. I could make my own padding, but it's easier to buy pre-made ones like these from Gorg the Blacksmith: PURCHASED

Last but not least I want some hand protection. I have my eye on some MMA gloves available from Warlord Sports. They are not strictly medieval but I like that they have open fingers (easier to use the bow that way) but will still protect the back of my hand, which is the most likely spot to get hit. PURCHASED

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