Sunday, January 31, 2016

More Kate and Kip

I had so much fun yesterday with the adventures of Kate and Kip that I decided to play another short scenario. Once again, the figures came from OkumArts (available at Wargames Vault / DriveThruRPG).

Kate and Kip discovered a crashed ship on an isolated asteroid. They boarded it to salvage any useful items. In the cargo hold, they ran into a bunch of evil robots.

The robots rushed forward.
3 of the 4 robots are workers, with melee-only attacks. They are rated as 2/2/1 (attack/defend/hits). I gave them a higher defense than the standard mook because of their metal skins.

One engaged Kip and struck a hard blow. Our heroes fired at the advancing robots but missed.

Kate and Kip retreated in the face of the onslaught. Kate blasted one robot but Kip missed.

Kip was able to put some distance between him and his pursuer. He then eliminated it.

Kate engaged in a gunfight with the guard robot (also 2/2/1 but armed with a laser pistol).
The remaining worker robot attacked Kip. He blasted it at point-blank range but the laser shot ricocheted off its metallic skin.
Kip actually scored 2 hits but the robot had a good defense roll and negated both.

Kate retreated behind cover and blasted the guard while Kip finally took out his pursuer.

Another enjoyable game. I really like the virtual board for quick games. I do want to move these skirmishes to a real board. I should print up my Retro Space paper minis.

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