Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sci-Fi Skirmish

I decided to play around some more with the skirmish rules I've been working on. Instead of a virtual board, I wanted to play an actual miniatures game. So I decided to pull out my space marine figures (you can see them in action in this earlier report). But disaster struck; I could not find them. I tore through my storage area but they were gone! I'm not sure what happened to them but I was very disappointed.

Well, the game must go on! I turned to the virtual board. I wanted to do a sci-fi game so I downloaded some paper miniatures that I previously bought from Wargames Vault. I made up some simple terrain and off I went.

Kip and Kate are star salvagers who roam the space lanes looking for wreckage and scrap. One day, they chanced upon a derelict ship. They docked alongside the ship and boarded through its cargo hold.

Room 1
They entered the hold, and found it filled with an assortment of storage crates. But their other find was less pleasant - laser-wielding aliens!

Kip ducked for cover just in time as an alien blast cut through the air behind him! Kate rushed forward behind a crate and shot her laser pistol at one of the aliens. She missed.

The crates acted as cover and allowed an extra defense die.

A cascade of shots rang out through the cargo hold. Kip was struck and wounded. Kate took out one of the aliens.

Note: Kip and Kate are both 3/2/3 characters (attack with 3 dice, defend with 2, and can take 3 hits). The aliens are 2/1/1.

An alien tried to flank Kip's position. At point blank range, they shot at each other but missed. Kate gunned down another alien.

This time Kip took out his opponent. Kate rushed forward and eliminated the final alien.

Kip and Kate are armed with laser pistols with a range of 4 while the alien rifles have a range of 6. Thus she had to move forward to engage it.

Room 2
Kip patched up his wound and the duo moved out of the cargo hold into some twisting corridors.

I decided to make this a series of joined scenarios. After a room is cleared, the characters were allowed to heal 1 wound.

Suddenly, a door opened. An alien armed with a heavy blaster rifle stood in the doorway. Kip rushed forward into cover and blasted it.

In this scenario, the aliens received an extra attack die due to their heavy weapons. They still only got 1 defense die and 1 wound.

Two more aliens appeared, using corners and a barrel as cover. One of the aliens hit Kate. She and Kip returned fire and eliminated the enemy.

Room 3
Kate and Kip made their way to the bridge. They opened a door and entered a small hallway. Another alien (2/1/1) was on guard. Kate blasted him.

Kip opened the door to the bridge. Two more aliens were inside. One was one guard behind a control panel. As soon as the door opened, he fired upon Kip, who took 2 wounds.

Kate blasted the guard.

The other alien was at the command post, experimenting with the ship's computer system. It held a glowing, wand-like device. Kip rushed him and loosed a shot that wounded the alien. Then Kip felt his head swimming. It took a determined effort not to lose control of his thoughts.

I decided that the wand-thingy was a mind control device. A successful hit would turn the character to the alien's side for the next turn. Kip made his saving rolls so was safe. The alien leader was a 3/2/2 figure.

Kip dodged for cover behind the console. Kate rushed forward. She also felt the peculiar sensation in her mind but was otherwise not affected.

Finally, Kate flanked the command chair and gunned down the alien. The bridge was theirs!

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