Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016's Twelve Games - Part 2

I previously recounted the first week of the Twelve Games of Christmas. Here are the rest:

Wed 12/28 - Love Letter
My wife is working early tomorrow so we went for something short - the card game Love Letter.

Thomasina our cat loves this game. Perhaps it's because we call her Princess and there's a princess in the game. She probably thinks we're talking about her.

Anyway, I pulled out to an early lead (5 hands to 3) then lost the next 4 to lose the game. I then spent some time playing this:

Thu 12/29 - Boss Monster
We tried to play Boss Monster (which I described in an earlier 12 Games). We had a slight problem:

Onyx is not the Boss Monster
Onyx decided that he wanted to play. Every time we moved him, he hopped back up on the table. Ultimately, he bored of his game and we finally finished ours. I managed to put together a killer dungeon filled with deadly traps, which allowed me to win 10-5.

Fri 12/30 - Ticket to Ride (Nordic Countries)
I was feeling good when I ended the game. I had completed two very long routes (including Murmansk-Kobenhagen) for massive bonus points.
My routes are in white
And in fact, my bonus points were enough to overcome my wife's lead and her bonus points. One problem - because she was completing shorter routes she finished more of them and earned the 10 point Globetrotter bonus. She beat me by 5 points.

Sat 12/31 - Gloom and Batman Fluxx
What better way to spend New Year's Eve than to play games? We decided to play another card game, Gloom (described here). It turned out to be a short game because I got some great cards. I was able to pile on the misery and then kill my family, securing a quick victory.

We then played Batman Fluxx and my luck continued. I rattled off 3 straight victories. Fluxx can be a very unpredictable game - sometimes it ends quickly but others it can go on and on. Tonight, my victories ended quickly. My wife went out on a high note, however. We played one more hand and this time she won.

Sun 1/1 - DC Rivals
We originally thought about Mice & Mystics but I was tired from a day of killing (like this) so we turned to DC Rivals instead. We decided to shorten the game by playing to 2 confrontations won (instead of 3).

I won the first confrontation but then my wife won the next. This left us tied 1-1. Then I had a hand with about 9 points, however 3 cards allowed me to draw more cards. I needed another 4 points to win. I debated whether I should try a confrontation, then decided to go for it. With my additional draws, I gained 4 more points and my wife had no blocks in her hand. I won the confrontation and the game!

I don't expect to game on Monday so this wraps up the Twelve Games of Christmas, and true to its name we played 12 games.

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