Monday, May 27, 2013

Rethinking My Medieval Project

This morning I had some rules ideas and thought about trying them out, but I did not want to pull out my plastic figures. It dawned on me that I have some 2mm figures lying around. They should allow easy set-up for a quick solo experiment.

Well, my game did not materialize because I could not find the figures, but it has me thinking of ordering some new miniatures for a 2mm medieval project.

Why would I go back to the 2mm route? Well, there are two major reasons.
  • Quick and easy to paint - I am a very indifferent painter so my projects seem to lag indefinitely. I started painting my 15mm figures for my Francesia campaign in February. I have 0 figures done. I can knock out some basic 2mm blocks in a day. Being able to get miniatures painted in a reasonable time frame is a big factor for me.
  • Easy set-up - I have found that I won't play a solo game if it is a pain to set up. I've used 2mm for games before and set up is a breeze. With a 2mm board, I think I will play more.
In addition, the price is not bad. I can get enough blocks for 2 medieval armies for under $20.

I decided to move to 15mm because of the looks, but 2mm can be very attractive en masse. For example, check out this Alamo game done in 2mm - link. I know my stuff won't look like that, but it still can look decent.

I am definitely thinking of placing an order; the long shipping time from the UK is the only thing deterring me at this moment.

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