Saturday, June 1, 2013

Quick Synopsis

Played 2 games of Castle Panic tonight. Although I did not take pictures or a detailed game report, I can give a quick summary.

  • Ignominious defeat! Monsters get into the castle and destroy all our towers. One lesson we learned - save your Barbarian (which slays one monster anywhere on the board, even in the castle). We used him too early, a monster later got inside the walls, and we had no way to counter.
  • Victory! This time, we almost waited too late to use the Barbarian. We had 2 trolls and an orc at our very gates. We probably should have used the Barbarian to kill one of the trolls but decided to wait. Then, the orc got into the castle and the trolls smashed down a wall. Fortunately, Elizabeth came through with a strong turn. She re-built the wall, killed a troll, and tarred the orc. Jimmy followed by killing the troll with the Barbarian, then playing a card that let him pick a card from the discard pile. He  picked the Barbarian and slew the remaining orc. Nevertheless, I earned the title of Master Slayer by killing the most points of monsters.

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