Sunday, December 8, 2013

3mm Experiment

I painted and based the 3mm Napoleonic infantry blocks ordered from Pico Armor and they look rather decent. Here is a shot next to some 2mm bases. The first thing you can notice (other than my horrible photography) is the size discrepancy. At this scale, 1mm is a huge difference. With the 3mm blocks, each soldier is distinct, rather than being all lumped together. This is a blessing (it looks nicer) and a curse (it seems harder to paint, although they still paint up pretty quickly). This will

Note that I still have some work on these stands. The base of the figure blocks and the edges of the cardboard stands need to be painted green to blend in with the ground.

This picture shows my 3mm infantry next to handmade 2mm terrain. The figures look OK compared to the hill (right) but seem a bit large for the wood (left) or farm (middle).

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