Saturday, December 7, 2013

GADD-zooks! Another Project!

Yes, GADD strikes again.

I recently got the bug to re-start my horse and musket Francesia project, but in a new scale.  I've read about the Oddzial Osmy 3mm figures before but recently my interest was piqued to the point that I ordered a sample pack from Pico Armor.

Here is the sample pack. Sorry about the poor quality photo, however these guys are small!
Cannons with limbers (top row)
Artillery crew (2nd row)
Infantry (3rd-4th rows, with command stand on bottom row)
Cavalry (right hand column)
If you look at the photos on the Pico site, you can discern the distinct headgear. Well, those are super close ups. With the naked eye, I could not tell the difference. Nevertheless, they can look very nice en masse, as these pictures attest. I think I will order some more and build up some Francesian armies. I plan to mount 2 blocks of infantry to a 20mm x 10mm base. I hoped to distinguish between elite and regulars with their different headgear but I don't think that will be possible. I'll have to find another way. Anyway, before I place an order, I will test paint the sample figs to see what they are like to paint. I have them primed now and will paint them soon. More pics then.

Because I had my paints out, I worked a bit on my sci fi figures. Here are my space marines.

And here are the black widows. They still need their faces and hair painted (yes, one has blue hair - she'll be the punk one).

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