Monday, December 30, 2013

The Redgrave War - Part 4

The next target of the Redgravian offensive was the port of Southcoast. Expecting an attack, Lester sent a contingent of Marines by ship to help the beleaguered Imperial garrison. Commodore Plotkin of the Redgravian navy, attempted to intercept Admiral Netherbottom’s relief force.

Plotkin had four ships: Mako, Barracuda, Narwhale, Moray (flag)
Likewise, Netherbottom had four ships: Tiramisu, Schnitzel, Escargot, Tarragon (flag)

The van of the Redgravian squadron descends on the Imperials
Once the squadrons were in sight, Plotkin raced forward to intercept his enemy. Netherbottom steered away, but the weather gage favored the Redgravians. Mako and Tiramisu engaged first and the Imperial vessel was subjected to a pounding broadside. Barracuda sailed up and added to Tiramisu’s misery. Soon, the Imperial vessel was a floating hulk. Other ships joined the fray and a general melee ensued.

As gun smoke obscured the battle and the warships swirled about each other, Netherbottom realized that he now had the wind advantage. He signaled to his fleet to break off the engagement.  His flagship, Tarragon, and Escargot managed to slip away. Schnitzel was not so lucky. The heavy pounding had taken down a mast; she could not outrun the Redgravian. Alone and outnumbered, Escargot had no option but to strike her colors.

Plotkin had won a significant tactical victory, taking two enemy ships while only sustaining minor damage to his fleet. However, Netherbottom managed to get reinforcements to Southcoast.
  • Redgrave (Comm. Plotkin) – Mako, Barracuda, Narwhale, Moray*; minor damage to 2 ships
  • Imperial (Adm Netherbottom) – Tiramisu, Schnitzel, Escargot, Tarragon*; Escargot heavily damaged, Tiramisu crippled


  1. Nice looking ships. What rules did you use?

  2. Thanks for the comment. I just noticed it. I think it was a modified version of a set of rules called Enemy in Sight! from Lone Warrior in 2004 (I got it off MagWeb). I played the actual scenario in 2005.