Monday, March 24, 2014

Escape from Castle Grayrock

I've been thinking about the next battle in my ongoing Grayrock Revolution campaign. With the recent uprising in the capital, it seems logical that the Viceroy will call for reinforcements from the Bluderian army gathering outside the pass to the Maraconi plateau. This will leave the weakened Bluderian force ripe for a surprise attack by the rebels.

As I devised this scenario, I pondered how the Viceroy could have gotten a message to the field army when his forces were trapped in Castle Grayrock, surrounded by rebel forces. Obviously, a Bluderian messenger needs to sneak through enemy lines. Sounds like a great rpg-type scenario! Perhaps I'll give the mission to Black Bart; he needs to redeem himself after being accused of disobedience.

For this scenario, I plan to use my city battle board. Black Bart will start on one of the short ends and will have to traverse across the length of the board and then scale a wall in order to escape from Grayrock City. The scenario will basically be like a dungeon crawl using my Kevin's Krawl rules. In each square of the board, Bart will roll to see if he encounters anyone, like wandering rebel patrols. We'll see if he can make it out!

I'm getting excited about this scenario. I don't have all the materials I'd like (such as castle and city walls or a figure to represent Black Bart) but I'll probably improvise something. Perhaps I'll run this scenario this weekend.

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