Sunday, March 9, 2014

Project Update

No game report this week. I'll just note that while I may "war well" I suck at the game of Life (Elizabeth handily won).

I managed to sneak in a little work on my projects last week (and hope to do some more today).

1. I painted my kitchen sponge trees. The flash really highlights the holes where the paint did not penetrate, but they are not as noticeable on the board. I did not make trunks; I merely based them on wood disks painted green and brown.

2. Some Kallistra medievals. Spearmen in the middle and archers on the flank.

Another shot with the archers aiming at the spearmen. I wanted to display the blue hoods on some of the archers.

I am taking a minimalist approach to painting these figures. I spray painted them white and then just added a few details (flesh, weapons, hats and helmets). Up close they look awful but at a distance (and thanks to a bad camera) I think they will look fine. My "bad guy" army will be spray painted black, which I think may look better than white.

3. A Historifgs N-scale general. He is going to lead some of the Francesian armies.

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