Saturday, May 3, 2014

Quick Update - my army's paper strength

Before I head off on my excursions to DC and Disney, I have time for a couple of quick updates. I used some free time this morning to work on one of my medieval paper armies. Here is the result,

The Redgravian raiders

Leading the charge is a Lord with standard bearer. Following him are 5 warbands (swords = elite and spears = normal quality). Flanking are some knights (left) and archers (right). I plan to clean up the foamcore bases by painting the edges.

This is essentially a beginning Saxon force from the Dux Britanniarum with the addition of knights. When I went on my medieval kick a year ago, I mentioned the possibility of using Dux Brit for the campaign although I'm still looking for battle rules. I am currently considering some version of Command & Colors akin to the rules I'm using for Francesia. I'll be able to experiment in a couple of weeks.

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