Wednesday, May 21, 2014


My hiatus has been over for more than a week but I am just getting around to posting. My paper minis are ready for battle in medieval Francesia, but I have not yet got them onto the battlefield. You see, I've had some distractions that have been keeping me away from gaming (at least board/mini gaming). I thought I'd just mention them.

  • Dagorhir - I have mentioned before (and mentioned that I mentioned) that I participate in a live-action role-playing game called Dagorhir. Recently, a couple friends and I decided to form our own order of chivalry, so I have been busy jotting down notes and making plans for it. I'll post more details as we progress.
  • Video Games Live - Normally, Saturday night is game night, but last Saturday my wife and I went to a concert instead. It was called Video Games Live and it featured some of the best video game music, performed by a live orchestra (with game clips shown on screen). My favorite was the opening theme to Skyrim.
  • Elder Scrolls Online - Speaking of Skyrim, I previously predicted that the new game in the Elder Scrolls series, Elders Scrolls Online, would likely tear me away from board/mini gaming. April was just too busy for me to try it out, but I finally downloaded it today. I haven't gotten very far in the game (the controls are a bit different than most MMOs so I am having a little difficulty adjusting). Nevertheless, it seems much more story-based than World of Warcraft, which is a good thing. Generally, new characters in WoW start by speaking to a quest-giver, who tells them to go slay a bunch of creatures wandering aimlessly in a field. In ESO, your new character is chosen by a Prophet to help save the world from the plots of a demonic lord. You then have to escape from a prison. It's a much more interesting start. I'm looking forward to more.
I hope to play a miniatures battle over the holiday weekend, but ESO might continue to be a distraction.

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