Saturday, June 21, 2014


I just noticed that it's been 2 weeks since my last post. Lately I've been in a definite funk game-wise; I just haven't had the motivation to set up a game or do any prep work. Even Elder Scrolls Online has been on the backburner for me.

That doesn't mind I'm not doing anything. Instead, my projects have revolved around Dagorhir, the LARP in which I participate. I've had a few semi-completed projects, and here is a taste:

This is what I call my "practice" garb - I'm not in full costume. For example, I'm wearing a modern MMA mask rather than my medieval helmet that I wear at events. I do this to save wear and tear on my good gear. Nevertheless, I like to have a medieval-ish appearance at practice.

You can see 2 of 3 recently semi-completed projects in this picture. First is the surcoat, which I am wearing over a long-sleeve T-shirt. I made it from an old bedsheet. I don't sew well so I put it together using Liquid Stitch. I then used fabric paint to add the torch sigil.

A little background on the torch. A couple of friends and I recently formed our own order of chivalry within the game. We call it the Order of the Sacred Flame (the sacred flame represents the principles of chivalry, which shed light in a dark world). The torch is our order's heraldry so I made a surcoat using it. 

Another project is the weapon I'm holding. It's a "mace" that represents a torch. Right now it has a red cover but I plan to replace it with a cover that looks more like flames. I have some orange fabric and am thinking of painting flames on it.

The final project is not visible in this picture. I made a belt flag with the Order of the Sacred Flame heraldry on it. It identifies me as a member even when I am in full armor.

There's more going on in my "medieval" world but I think I will save it for another post.

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