Sunday, June 29, 2014

Star League Report - Canopus @ Antares

In the league's first game, Canopans visited Antarens. The team ratings are:


In the first half, the Canopans took charge. They managed a few offensive attacks early in the half but managed no shots. Finally, late in the half they took charge, pushed forward, and managed a shot, but the Antaren goalie knocked it away. The half ended without a score: 0-0.

The second half began with a spirited exchange. The Canopans made a charge. The Antarens stole the ball, advanced up the field, and were looking for a shot. But the Canopans stole it back; their counter broke through the Antaren defense. They shot. GOAL! 1-0 Canopans.

Play was stalemated for a while thereafter. Late in the half, the Antarens made a break, shot, and scored! All tied at 1-1.

In the waning moments of the half, the Canopans advanced. They managed a last second shot but the Antaren goalie made a diving save.

Because grav-ball does not allow ties, the game went into sudden death overtime. Through an entire period of extra time the two teams pushed back and forth without any shots. They went into a second period. The Canopans pushed forward on the attack, but the Antarens stole the ball, rushed forward, and shot. The goalie got a hand on the ball but it trickled in. GOAL!

The Antarens escaped with a hard-fought 2-1 comeback victory.



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