Saturday, August 2, 2014

Game Night Update

For the second week in a row, we pulled out Ticket to Ride for game night.

As usual, Thomasina took in the action from her favorite vantage point.

Last week, my wife Elizabeth coasted to an easy win on the Nordic countries map. This week, we played the Germany map and I was hoping for a better result. At the end of the game, I (white routes) had what seemed like a comfortable 18 point lead over my nearest rival Elizabeth (purple)

Then it came time to count the bonus points for completed routes. She completed the most (6 routes vs. my 5) to gain 10 bonus points. She also amassed a whopping 61 points for her routes to soar to the lead. I only managed 44 points. With a net difference on 27 points, she wiped out my lead and pulled ahead for an impressive victory.

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