Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Star Cup

I have completed the Star Cup - the championship series for the Star League. In Star Cup I, the Galactic Division winner Canopans met the  Stellar Division winner Geminids in a best of 3 series.

Game 1 - Geminids at Canopans
Having the best record in the league gave the Canopans home court advantage for the Star Cup. Alas, home court was no guarantee of an easy victory. Midway through the first half, the Geminids managed a breakaway. They shot and scored for a 1-0 lead. The Canopans fought their way back late in the half with their own successful breakaway. Score 1-1 at half.

The Geminds struck again midway in the 2nd half. 2-1 for the visitors. The Canopans wasted no time, however, with a shot that slammed into the net to knot the score. It looked like the game was headed for overtime when the Canopans seized the ball, moved upfield, and shot. BLOCKED! The ball rebounded back into the court. There was a mad scuffle for the ball. A Canopan picked it up and shot again. SCORE! With seconds left in the game, the Canopans squeezed out a hard-fought, 3-2 comeback victory.

Game 2 - Canopans at Geminds
Playing at home, the Geminids hoped to even up the series, and those hopes seemed justified in the early going. After a series of deft passes, the Geminids spotted an opening and slammed home the ball. Then the floodgates opened. The Canopans picked up the rebound after an unsuccessful shot and scored. Then their offense took over and scored twice more in rapid succession. At halftime, the Canopans held a 3-1 lead.

Nevertheless, the Geminids refused to buckle. Their offense got back on track in the 2nd half, scoring twice in the early minutes to tie the score at 3-3. After this, both defenses tightened the screws and neither side could make a run until the waning moments of the game. Then a Canopan grabbed the ball, rushed upfield. A quick pass found an open player. He shot. SCORE. Once again, the Canopans used a late goal to win, this time by a 4-3 score.

With this victory, the Canopans secured the first ever Star Cup. Stay tuned for season 2!

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