Saturday, August 16, 2014


A few updates about my gaming goings-on:

Last Saturday was another edition of family game night (no pictures of Tom, though). This time we played Star Trek Catan and it was a massacre. Elizabeth raced out ahead and never relinquished the lead for an easy victory. I came in second with a paltry 5 points. If you're keeping track, that's 3 consecutive victories for Elizabeth. Her evil reign must end.
Final position.
Elizabeth really liked the horseshoe-like design of her galactic empire (blue)
 Next up, I received my latest order from Baccus. After my positive experience painting up the Saxon huscarles I'm moving back to 6mm figures.I ordered 2 armies of 18th century minis, which will form the armies of Redgrave and the Empire. I also have some medieval Norman cavalry and archers to add to the huscarles.
My Baccus bundle
 Finally, I did some work on some LARP weapons. I previously showed off my two-handed "torch mace" that I built using a PVC core. A few weeks ago I broke it in half against someone's shield. I cut it down and am in the process into turning it into a one-handed "torch mace" (I still need to cover it).

I really liked my two-handed "torch mace" so I built another, this time using a sturdier fiberglass pole as a core. It was previously a two handed warhammer but I found it to be a little unwieldy so now it is a 4' "torch-glaive."
LARP projects

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